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Show the correct bus stop

I met with another incident yesterday which reminded me about the unsatisfactory bus system.
I took a bus to meet a friend for lunch. I have to get down at the bus stop called "Opp Treasury Building". When approaching the destination, I waited at the exit to watch the display at the fare meter. I had to rely on this display because there was no announcement or display of the next bus stop.
The fare meter said "St Andrew's Cathedral". I thought - one more stop to go.
When the bus left the stop, it immediately showed "Opp Treasury House". That was the correct stop - and I missed it due to the wrong display.
I had to get down at the next stop and walk back. It was raining heavily.
The bus recognize the bus stop using GPS. Due to the inaccuracy of GPS, it could report the wrong stop or show the correct stop with a time gap.
This can be corrected with some intelligent software. When the bus leaves "St Andrew's Cathedral", it will know that the next stop has to be "Opp Treasury Building". Will the Land Transport Authority do something about showing the correct bus stop?