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A better workflow for a call center system

Here are some suggestions to create a better workflow for a call center system. It will enhance the user experience and also improve the productivity of the staff.

1.  Use several telephone numbers. If the public call the general number, they have to go through a filter for the language and type of service. Provide separate numbers for the language and type of service. It the public uses the separate number, the call center should bypass the filter and go to the correct staff or section. If the company offers 2 languages and 4 services, they have to provide 8 separate numbers. 

2. If the company advertises a separate promotion or offer, they should use a separate number. Do not get the customer to call the general number. For the general call center, do not ask the caller if they are interested in the special offer. They are making a general enquiry. Do not burden them with this unnecessary message.

3. Do not ask the caller to key in their account number. They may not be making any account enquiry. They may have a general question. If your staff needs the account number, the staff can ask at that time of answering the call. 

4. Never, never ask the customer to key in information for your statistical purpose. Be considerate to the customer. They are busy people - do not annoy them. You probably don't need the statistical information. If you really need it, there are other ways to get the information. 

5. Ask your staff to provide a direct number (not the call center number) for customers to call back. Do not ask the customer to call the call center number. 

6. Allow the customer to leave a message for a specific staff handling their case to return a call at a specific time. This is useful in case the staff cannot be reached. The customer can key in the staff direct number and the customer mobile number. The staff will know what the case is about, from the customer mobile number.