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Implementing a new call center

Most people look at issues in an "either/ or" mindset. They think that it has to be solution A or solution B. They cannot think about both solution A and solution B.
For example, most companies have a call center system that makes life very troublesome for the customers. The person in charge agreed that the experience is bad, but he cannot change the system because the company has already invested a lot of money in their current system.
Furthermore, there is the risk that the new system could produce a worse outcome, especially during the initial stage. The person in charge will not take such a risk.
A possible approach is for the company to introduce a new call center (system B) to coexist with the current system (system A). Give the customer a choice of using system A or system B.
Instead of putting 100 staffs to operate system A, they can transfer 20 staff to operate system B and retain 80 staff to handle system A.
If the new system produces a better customer experience, the company can gradually transfer more of the existing staffs from system A to system B. If system B turns out to be worse, the company can decommission it after a trial period.

Quite likely, system B will perform better. It does take some time for the customers to get used to the new work flow.