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Experience with Starhub call center

My router died. I called Starhub Call Center to ask for a technician to fix the problem. 

I had to press many buttons to pass through the screening. They asked me on the language, type of service and if I were asking about their latest promotion?

Starhub should allow the customer to call a specific different telephone number for each language and each type of service, i.e. mobile, broadband, TV,  promotion. Customers who know the specific number can bypass the tedious filtering. Those who call the general number will have to go through this filtering.

They only need to print 8 telephone numbers for the specific language/ service. They issue several million numbers but are not willing to buy 8 numbers for their own use?

I was also asked to key in my NRIC number. After that, I had to wait for more than ten minutes for a customer service officer to be available. It is quite tedious to be on hold.

When the officer answer the call, she asked me for my NRIC number again. I told her that I had already keyed it in. She said, "sorry, can I tell her again?".

She also had to verify my identify before asking me for my problem. Why can't she wait to verify my identity if I place an order for service? Maybe, I don't need to place an order, so the identity is not important.

She had to pass me to another colleague to address the problem of the dead router. All I needed was to to get a technician to my home. The colleague did not answer the phone. She asked if she could get the colleague to call me back.

The colleague called me back half an hour later. Is it a convenient time to talk? I had already walking to the office after alighting from the bus. Starhub seemed to think that their customers have nothing to do, except to wait at home for their staff to be available.

I first raised the issue about the tedious process adopted by the Starhub call center nearly 10 years ago. I visited them and spoke to their manager in charge. They refused to change their tedious process for 10 years. 

It takes a long time for Starhub to improve their call center process. Maybe, something will be done in another 10 years time? Maybe.