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Opening an account at MOM website

I went to the Ministry of Manpower website to open an account to apply for work pass. It was quite difficult to find the right page because they have so many links.

They also have to separate micro sites for employment pass/ S pass and for work permits. They expect the public to know the difference, but most people would be confused with these differences. What about dependent passes?

It would be easier for the public if there is only one micro-site for all passes. Let the MOM sort out their work. They should not expect the public to sort it out for them. 

I submitted my details and was brought back to the starting page again. I was not sure if my form was accepted or if there were further pages that I have to submit. I decided that I must have completed my submission, so I did not proceed further.

There was a message stating that they will send a PIN to my office address by ordinary mail. I am puzzled at the need for this manual step. What do they hope to achieve with this step?

I felt that this step was not necessary. I had already signed into the MOM website with my SingPass. I also verified with the OTP that was sent to my mobile phone. My NRIC showed that I was the director and authorized person of my company.  

Was there still a risk that someone was impersonating me? Was the additional step of receiving another PIN by ordinary mail really necessary?

A few months earlier, I had applied for the same account at MOM website. At that time, they required me to open an EASY account with IRAS. IRAS also said that they would send the PIN to my office by mail. It never arrived. I called them again about the PIN. I cannot remember if the PIN arrived after that. 

This time, I hope that MOM will send the PIN to my office. Still, I wonder why this step is necessary?