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A smart way to implement innovation is to take the technology that was already proven and introduce it to achieve cost savings, greater productivity and excellent customer service.  I wish to ... 16 Aug 2017, View: 19

Here are my suggestions to make Singapore into a smart city. We should use technology that are already proven and practical. They can be implemented easily and quickly and at very low cost.  1... 15 Aug 2017, View: 56

This story begins with one of the major problems of the society, which is unemployment. So, one unemployed engineer tried to opt the doctor’s profession because he thinks to be a doctor, he can make m... 15 Aug 2017, View: 1

I have recently purchased an unit in Forest City. It is 1,200 sq and cost about SGD 450,000 or about $400 psf. This is more expensive than high end apartments in Puteri Harbor but is about one third o... 14 Aug 2017, View: 3

I wrote to the transport minister about the GPS tracker that does not work in some buses. I suggested that the Land Transport Authority should check the database to identify the buses that are not s... 29 Jul 2017, View: 3

Transport minister Khaw BW held a media briefing to announce the rail reliability target for 2020. The journalists asked him some questions about the current train breakdown in Singapore. &nb... 29 Jul 2017, View: 4

President Obama sent a lot of effort to get Congress to pass the Affordable Care Act. The Act helped to get a few million people to be insured, but it was quite unpopular with a large section of the p... 29 Jul 2017, View: 3

Editor Forum Page Straits Times   The Privacy and Data Protection Act (PDPA) was passed in 2012.   Over the past five years, I have been asked to give my consent for m... 29 Jul 2017, View: 1