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Minister Desmond Lee asked the construction industry to use technology and improve efficiency.   This kind of message has been repeated many times in the past. Why are our constru... 26 Jun 2017, View: 1

The number of retrenched workers has been increasing in recent years. It reached 19,170 in 2016. It represents 8.9 per 1000 paid workers. If there is a national insurance scheme to cover retrenchme... 19 Jun 2017, View: 13

The Last Will of Lee Kuan Yew contained a clause to allow Lee Wei Ling to continue living in 38 Oxley Road for as long as she wish to. When she move out of that house, the will stated that his house s... 17 Jun 2017, View: 80

Forty years ago, I heard stories that some countries (which I shall not name) produced many graduates who cannot find jobs. This phenomenon has now arrived in Singapore. We will soon be producing many... 11 Jun 2017, View: 106

I discussed with my former school mate - what is the best way to boost the Singapore economy? Mr Y: Remove GST TKL: Why? Mr Y: This will give 7% more to the workers. They can spend it on the econ... 11 Jun 2017, View: 34

The prices are taken on the first week of June 2017 from the online website of stores in Singapore (Fairprice, Giant), Malaysia (Tesco, Sam Groceria) and Australia (Coles, Woolworths). The prices in ... 07 Jun 2017, View: 128

A few years ago, I encountered a troll who kept attacking me mindlessly. At that time, Facebook did not provide the facility to ban the troll. I told him that he brought shame to his parents who di... 07 Jun 2017, View: 244

Calling Soduku fans. Do you have a puzzle that you cannot solve? Enter the numbers in this website, click on "Solve" and let the website solve for you. If you enter an invalid p... 03 Jun 2017, View: 5