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I consider it to be the duty of a government to make sure that all its citizens are able to get a job that pay adequate wages to meet the cost of living in that country.   Here ar... 13 Jun 2018, View: 3

One major challenge faced in Singapore is the large sums that are being spent on infrastructure - a few billion dollars here and there.  My common sense tells me that we are probably paying mu... 21 May 2018, View: 4

The minister for trade and industry Chan Chun Sing announced recently that government wants to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs).   As he is new to the ministry and to the ... 20 May 2018, View: 2

The ministers are now saying that there is no need for people to get a degree.   Their statements are greeted with derision and disbelief by the public. Most people say that emplo... 07 May 2018, View: 9

The government wants to pass a law to disallow foreigners from funding activities deemed to be "interfering in politics". The prohibited funding include the activities of political parties and civil s... 05 May 2018, View: 12

Can a house last for more than 100 years in a tropical climate? A building expert provides this answer: The answer is simply yes. Life span of buildings depends on the design life span of its stru... 04 May 2018, View: 46

Many people think that a leasehold property will have no value when the lease runs out and a freehold property will have a value forever. They are willing to pay much more for a freehold property, com... 04 May 2018, View: 127

I heard a comment that Png EH might not be fielded for the next general election as the candidate for Hougang under the Workers Party. He also said that Png has not been appearing in wakes in the cons... 28 Apr 2018, View: 11