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I took a JustGrab taxi. It showed a flat fare of $18, regardless of traffic. When I arrived at the destination, the taxi driver said that I had to pay the flat fare of $18 plus ERP of $2, making a ... 22 May 2017, View: 28

A few years ago, I encountered a troll who kept attacking me mindlessly. At that time, Facebook did not provide the facility to ban the troll. I told him that he brought shame to his parents who di... 22 May 2017, View: 71

The public finds it difficult to access the websites of most government agencies and large organizations to make online transactions. Some of the common difficulties are: a) Difficult to find the l... 17 May 2017, View: 93

According to this report, the price of baby milk powder has increased by 120% over the past ten years. Here are some measures taken to help families get lower prices for the milk powders. Quote To... 17 May 2017, View: 37

In 2011, someone wrote this email to me. I posted it in my blog. It concerns the investment policy of GIC and Temasek Holdings. I agree with his views. QUOTE Dear Mr Tan, I applaud you for steppi... 17 May 2017, View: 113

My wife, who does not have income of her own, received the income tax assessment based on 50% of the rental income on the properties that were held in our joint name. I was very angry as I had decla... 16 May 2017, View: 11

Singaporeans are focused on carrying out processes to great detail. They want to make sure that they got all the steps right. They forgot to see the process from the angle of the customer. I r... 16 May 2017, View: 32

I tried to login to my CDP account. The website asked me for the One Key token number. The token had died. I asked the website to send the SMS OTP to me. The website did not respond. I found that ... 16 May 2017, View: 138