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I wish to give my personal views on this matter. I know that many people in Singapore will not agree with my views, but I like to express it nevertheless.  I agree with the judges in the appea... 23 Apr 2017, View: 246

I changed $100 to rupiah at Changi Airport. I received 8,700 rupiah. When I arrived at Jakarta Airport, I saw the rate to be 9,300 rupiah. The difference is 6%. I know that the money changer at the... 22 Apr 2017, View: 129

Our e-payment system is still quite fragmented in Singapore. My friends told me that China is advanced in e-payments. Many people pay using AliPay or WeChat Pay. They make small payments with their... 18 Apr 2017, View: 12

Singapore is embarking on the Smart City project. After 3 years, the progress has been slow. The payment system is fragmented. The government agency should learn from Uber. Let me share my experien... 18 Apr 2017, View: 26

The logistics app shows a different way to award jobs to contractors. In the app for a courier service, the customer provides the details of the delivery (i.e. pick up point, destination and type o... 16 Apr 2017, View: 30

Source SINGAPORE — The Republic’s ambition to become the world’s first Smart Nation was first mooted in May 2014, when President Tony Tan laid out the Government’s plans in his addres... 15 Apr 2017, View: 16

What happened on that day when United Airlines had to forcefully drag a passenger out of the plane? We can blame it on their SOP (standard operating procedure). The crew did offer an incentive of $... 14 Apr 2017, View: 79

The government has adopted the tender system for many decades. They considered it to be a good system. They are mistaken. The tender system does have its advantages. It aims to get the best price f... 14 Apr 2017, View: 28