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Co-payment feature in insurance riders: Consider removing deductible for integrated plans  By TAN KIN LIAN, PRESIDENT, FINANCIAL SERVICES CONSUMER ASSOCIATION The Ministry of Health has ann... 16 Mar 2018, View: 2

Many people are confused with CPF Life, Medishield Life and Eldershield Life. They are also confused with the earlier versions of these CPF schemes. They do not understand what is being covered und... 13 Mar 2018, View: 25

Hi Mr Tan,  Your post on the over consumption of medical services is very good and to the point. Unfortunately, as we know by now, the government will not retract its stand even when it is clear... 11 Mar 2018, View: 1

The government is worried about cyber security. They consider it a big risk. They want to put a lot of resources to combat this risk. They want to train a lot of cyber experts. They want to strengt... 10 Mar 2018, View: 1

The health minister used the term "buffet syndrome" to describe the unnecessary and over-comsumption of health care services. He blamed the patients for this behavior. He thinks that the patients li... 09 Mar 2018, View: 1

Dear Mr Tan, I remember reading your views on prohibitive treatment for elderly parents with potentially terminal cancers. My question is, what if the cancer applies to a child? There is a fund... 28 Feb 2018, View: 71

Someone called me to ask about Forest City. He was interested to buy an apartment there but was worried about the over-supply. He asked my views. My reply. There will be an over-supply of proper... 28 Feb 2018, View: 37

STORY STARTS IN 2004 I started paying attention to Bitcoin about four years ago. The daughter of my friend asked me if it is all right to invest in Bitcoin. The price had increased from US$100 to $... 06 Feb 2018, View: 132