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I login to Fundsupermart website to change my password. After going through the troublesome checks, they notify me that the new password will be send to me by postal mail within a few business days. ... 13 Oct 2017, View: 0

15 May 2011 Local Transport Local transport is an important component of an efficient transport system. It provides transport for short distances within a town and brings the residents from thei... 11 Oct 2017, View: 19

Introduction Many cities suffer from congested roads. It is caused mainly by the failure of governments to provide a satisfactory public transport. Many people buy cars to get to work and back home... 11 Oct 2017, View: 18

When a person gets stuck with a problem that they cannot solve, they usually keep working on the problem until they find the solution.  This approach can be frustrating and demoralising. It ca... 10 Oct 2017, View: 12

In my opinion, one important function of the government is to ensure that there are sufficient jobs for the citizens. They should provide high value jobs that pay well, if it was possible. If not, the... 09 Oct 2017, View: 2

At last, Singapore had introduced a mobile app for car park payments. While we should all welcome this development, we must also realize that it shows clearly a serious disease that has inflicted S... 05 Oct 2017, View: 51

Grab launched many promotions that offer attractive discounts to passengers. They offered discounts of $4 for each ride under their promotion. They have been offering the promotion for quite some time... 03 Oct 2017, View: 33

FROM TAN KIN LIAN PUBLISHED: AUGUST 2, 2017 The Government should provide docking stations for shared bicycles as part of public infrastructure. They should be located next to bus stops, MRT stati... 02 Oct 2017, View: 0